This time we take a break from Aarhus and visit Viborg, which is one of the oldest cities of Denmark, situated right in the heart of this country. Above you see Viborg Cathedral that was built in 1130!

Here we have a statue of Queen Margrethe I of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. (Don’t ask me about Scandinavian history, I’ve got no clue).

Not too far away there is another nice church, the Sortebrødre Kirke.

Lovely architecture in the historic city.

As I was hungry I went to a cosy restaurant…

… where I enjoyed a delicious meal. The waitress was so friendly – she even gave me an espresso for free! As a coffee junkie I could not say no to this. 😉

They have such nice colorful mailboxes in Denmark!

More interesting buildings – a museum and in the picture with the tiny trees there is an “art café”. The artist herself showcased her own paintings (many of them for sale) and offered home-baked cakes and coffee for fair prices (normally, Denmark is incredibly expensive). This building houses the oldest cellar of Viborg:

You could also get your coffee at one of these tables, but I decided to move back upstairs where I found a warm, cosy place.

Works of art wherever you turn your head.
This place was the epitome of the word Hygge for me. The owner was so friendly – like basically all people I met in Denmark.

Who can say no to such a nice piece of cake served with water melon, orange slices and cream?
It can’t get any better than this!

Hope you liked my trip to Viborg!