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How it all began

How it all began – at least for me. This is my dad’s old but beautiful (analogue) SLR. I remember when I was a kid, how fascinated I was when he was lying on the ground taking photos of flowers or talking about lenses.
I was about 10 years old when he explained to me the basics like shutter speed, aperture, etc. and the most important thing in photography by far – composition.
He actually entrusted me this gem for my school trips to Berlin (when Germany had still been divided) and Prague – always with a nifty fifty on it. I guess that’s why this focal length is still my favourite after so many years.
Anyways, I will forever be grateful for introducing me to the fascinating world of photography – which is not just a passion for me, but also kind of therapeutic, making me whole.

BTW: Last week a set of new 35mm film arrived (both colour and bw) – so be prepared for some analogue fun in the coming months.

Stay tuned!

WTC 1995

WTC 1995

I took this picture of the World Trade Center in July (or August) 1995.
Seeing it now and remembering the experience is very strange, even a bit eerie, I must admit.
Don’t forget those who have lost their lives in the tragic event in 2001.

Of course I used a compact camera (Konika BM-201) with film (Kodacolor VR Plus 200) back then.
I decided to leave it as is, i.e. no post-processing of colors or anything like that.

I’ve been away from the blogosphere for quite some time, so to all my friends here – sorry I couldn’t stay in contact or visit your blogs during the last month.

The last picture about the motto “Balance” and yet another balanced rock.
I took this photo in 1997 in the Arches National Park (Utah, USA) with a Konika BM-201, an analog compact camera.
Usually, I try to show my latest pictures here, but I thought what better way to demonstrate that you don’t need an expensive camera for taking nice landscape pictures?
The 35mm film I used was a Kodak Kodacolor VR Plus 200. I prefer its organic, vivid and saturated colors over the somewhat neutral colors of today’s digital cameras.

Autumn Is Coming

The signs are undeniable – autumn is coming. Leaves are changing, falling, the air smells different, it’s getting colder.
I took this picture on Kodacolor VR Plus 200 film that expired in August 2005 (i.e. more than 5 years ago) – and all photos turned out fine with excellent saturated colors.
Interestingly, I learnt yesterday that Kodak is currently celebrating its 125th anniversary.

If you find a roll of film that is expired – don’t throw it away, but just give it a try. The colors you get are very different from the neutral (but sometimes boring) colors you normally get with digital cameras nowadays.

Have a great weekend!

Carpe Diem!

When it comes to photography, you should seize an opportunity when it is there.
Never say to yourself you can shoot something on your way back or the next day – so many things could have changed in the meantime.
However, if you are stuck in the house due to horrible weather, you still can use the day to your advantage and come up with picture ideas like the abstract photo above for which I used 35mm black and white film (Agfa APX 100) in my analog SLR.
So, seize the day, whatever it looks like, and make the best out of it.