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Today I am sharing some pictures of the ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum (please see my previous post for an introduction).
Let’s start at the rooftop with its “rainbow panorama”, a circular skywalk designed by Ólafur Elíasson. I don’t know how much time I spent there, must have been an hour. It’s just beautiful: the colors, the view, the sound, the whole atmosphere.

In the background at the right you can see the harbor with its many cranes.
View from across the skywalk:

The front entrance of the ARoS (it is higher at the backside, since it was built on the side of a hill):

At the right you can see part of the academy of music.
The staircase in the entrance area:

Inside the museum you can find all types of art.
I loved that one here:

– –

This sculpture is called “Boy”. It was created by the Australian artist Ron Mueck.
They installed mirrors around this guy. Look at those details!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Having a vegetarian meal at a cozy place nearby (the Danish would call this Hygge). Delicious beyond description.

Hope this was worth the wait and you enjoyed my excursion to the ARoS.
There are so many great things to see there, it’s just impossible to show everything.

Have a nice week!


Actually I wanted to write a witty allusion to 2001 (the movie), but that would have been too uninspired, I guess. But there, I made it kind of…
This thing is about 8 meters high and weighs 55 tons.
Took several decent shots during sunset, I liked this one most. Maybe I’ll share some alternative versions on my flickr stream in the next days.
(And as always – click to enlarge this one!)

Have a great week everyone!

Water Tower

It’s been a while…
I wish I could say it has been a creative break, but the reason was simply life. 😉
Today I have a black and white HDR picture for you. It looks gloomy, but that’s what weather and life have been like recently. However, no use in complaining as it is simply the impermanence of life as we all know it.
Anyways, things will go uphill again (and down and up and so on). 😉
Or as the sage once inscribed on that ring: “This too shall pass.”
The important thing is to have some fun on the way.

Inside the Cologne Triangle

Inside the Cologne Triangle 1

Another one from the Cologne Triangle which I showed you from outside a few months ago.
These pictures were taken from the lounge in the reception area.
I did not know at that time that this building is actually used for some parts of the German TV show Deutschland sucht den Superstar (which is called “Pop Idol” in the UK). They do the casting in one of the top floors.

Here you can see the view you have from its roof.

Inside the Cologne Triangle 2

Rheinauhafen Cologne

Rheinauhafen 1

And yet another one (actually two) from my trip to Cologne. There is a lot to see there as you probably can imagine right now.
This is the Rheinauhafen, an urban regeneration project along the river Rhine.
This used to be a commercial harbour developed during the 1880s.

These are HDR pictures, hope you like them. You should definitely see them in a larger format (just click on them).

Rheinauhafen 2