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It’s been a while since my last post, sorry for that (job keeping me quite busy at the mo).
I heard people talking about a bunch of wild nutrias living at a tiny lake in our region, so I decided to have a look and take some pictures.
It was only when I was about to leave that two of them came out of their hiding place.

What strange and beautiful creatures indeed!
This little fella is eating a carrot that one of the locals left him there. My presence did not disturb him at all.

Take a look at that nice tail!

BTW: I have been taking some pictures with 35mm film in the last few weeks. Hope I’ll have the opportunity to develop them quite soon.

I wish you a great weekend!

PS: For some weird reason I see wrong Exif data when I click on the photos to enlarge them. For those interested, I used a Samsung NX3000 with a 30mm 1:2 prime lens.

What to expect

With the cold seasons coming there won’t be too many flowers to be admired around my part of the world.
However, this won’t stop me from posting them here from time to time, although my tendency in general is to show images that I took not too long ago.

So things might change gradually here, but still – if you love flowers, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy your week!

Lying in wait

Lying in wait

Cute little Layla lying in wait. As if she could do any harm to anyone or anything…

There are several followers who are here mostly because of my cat portraits – sorry you had to wait for so long. I promise there will be more in the future.
Both pictures taken with my 85mm 1:1.8 prime lens wide open.
Definitely click on the pictures to see them in a higher resolution.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend!


Hello everyone!
I hope you are safe and sound in this crazy time.
I’d like to pretend that I had never been away from the blog, but it happened (again) – sorry!
Some of you followed me to Instagram where I had focused my attention to – thank you guys. I am still going to share pictures on that platform (mostly smartphone pics or spontaneous stuff), but now it’s time to get active on this part of the blogosphere again.

What can you expect? I am still not sure with regards to how frequently I will post, but when it comes to content there will be nature and landscape pictures, macros, impressions from my travels, still life images, a portrait here and there, some experimental things, and (of course) – cats, dogs and other animals. Shot with all kinds of gear, from full frame DSLRs to APS-C DSLMs to smartphones and everything in between. Anyway, this does not matter too much (think about the title of the blog).

Today I am kicking off with a macro that’s different from the frequent 1:1 pics from that genre that show every tiny detail. Instead I wanted to catch a somewhat dreamy atmosphere – hope you like it.
As always, click to enlarge. 😉



Frosted Beauty

Frosted Beauty

It’s no help posting photos of beaches, the sea, rock needles, etc. – it’s still winter in our parts, let’s face it.
The picture above is actually back from 2004 – I took it with my first digital camera (although I still used my analog camera a lot at that time).
Oh, my good old Canon Digital Ixus V2… It does not work anymore, but I cannot part with it. Memories…