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It’s been a while since my last post, sorry for that (job keeping me quite busy at the mo).
I heard people talking about a bunch of wild nutrias living at a tiny lake in our region, so I decided to have a look and take some pictures.
It was only when I was about to leave that two of them came out of their hiding place.

What strange and beautiful creatures indeed!
This little fella is eating a carrot that one of the locals left him there. My presence did not disturb him at all.

Take a look at that nice tail!

BTW: I have been taking some pictures with 35mm film in the last few weeks. Hope I’ll have the opportunity to develop them quite soon.

I wish you a great weekend!

PS: For some weird reason I see wrong Exif data when I click on the photos to enlarge them. For those interested, I used a Samsung NX3000 with a 30mm 1:2 prime lens.

Enough of politics, diseases and all that stuff. This is a photography blog. 😉
Do you remember my picture of Devil’s Table from August 2020?
I promised to show you the back side of it, so here we go (later as planned, I admit).
Which side do you like more?

January 6th was the birthday of one of my favourite philosophers: Alan Watts. Alas, I missed the opportunity to post something in his honour, so just a small quote today that came into my mind:

“The more we struggle for life (as pleasure), the more we are actually killing what we love.” 
– Alan Watts

And before I wish you all a nice week, here is an alternative shot to this beautiful rock:

I went a bit nearer for this and waited till the sun was lower.
Have a nice one!


Of Endings and Beginnings

A year ended and what a year it was… It is easy to just think about the negative things, but in everything there lies a chance as well.
Many yearn to “go back to normal”. Really? What is considered to be “normal” nowadays? I think we have a chance to establish a new “normal”.
I guess some people learnt that they should not take everything for granted and that health is the most important asset to have.
It was kind of a reality check for many of those living in a consumerist society. At least I hope it was.
I think it is also an opportunity for some to be grateful for what they have: a roof over their head, food, and clothes. This is not normal, when we take a look at the conditions in which many people all over the world have to live.
More than 750.000.000 people are currently living in extreme poverty (
About 800.000.000 people worldwide are undernourished.
So all of us who are able to look at a screen, have access to the internet, use mobile phones, make an online order any time, etc. should think again when we complain about not being able to fly to an exotic island right now, go skiing, go on a cruise ship, etc.

Anyways, sorry if I sound self-righteous here. It has been a difficult year for most of us, but I’d just like to take the opportunity to remind us to be thankful for the things we have, despite all the terrible things that happened.

I wish you all a happy new year and that you use the opportunity to think over what is or should be “normal”, on the impact our behaviour has on this planet if we go back to business as usual.

What’s a holiday in the mountains without a trip to a nice lake, right?
I had been watching the route of these boats for a while and waiting patiently until they reached the position I wanted them to have in the frame. Click to enlarge this one.

The houses at the harbour. Fascinating…

As always – stay healthy!

These pictures are from another day – as you can see the weather was much friendlier.

I love those mountain streams. (Long time exposure with ND filter)

Nice snow on top and blue sky – such a beautiful day…
More photos from that hike to follow soon.
Have a great weekend!