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A dog portrait today.
I always wonder what they are thinking when they have that look. I guess something about food… 😉

Farm Cat

Farm Cat 1

I know that several of my long time followers originally joined because of my photos of pets/animals.
I realised that I neglected you guys – so here you find a small series of a lovely cat I saw on a farm a few weeks ago. Hope that will make up for it. 😉

Farm Cat 2

Farm Cat 3

Farm Cat 4

Enjoying the Sun

Enjoying the Sun

Photo taken with an (expired) original Polaroid TZ Artistic film.
I know there are still some Polaroid fans out there, so this one is for you.
When I scanned the photo I tried to get as close as possible to the original colors.
This is my last pack of the Polaroid TZ film that is no longer in production…

Holidays Pet Style…

Many of you know that we can actually learn a lot from animals.
For example, how to ignore stress during holidays – no rush, but just sleeping, eating, and wonder.
Hope you have been taking things easy as well…



It was hot that day…