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Three Sides: Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine 1

A few weeks ago I showed you three “sides” of a mushroom.
Today you get to see three different perspectives of a wind turbine. I planned to do this in black and white.

The first picture above was taken with a fisheye lens, as you can tell by the distorted horizon. I deliberately shot against the sun, so I chose all settings manually to avoid an underexposure of the image that automatic settings would have probably created.
Although the fisheye perspective is quite unrealistic, I kind of like it, as you can be creative and add some drama with it. (I will post another fisheye shot which has a much more extreme perspective on Flickr in the next couple of days.)

Wind Turbine 2

The second picture was a bit tricky, as it was a very bright day, but at the same time quite windy. Since I wanted to show the motion of the wheel, I needed a slower shutter speed, so the above conditions were not perfect for what I had in mind (no tripod with me). I used an ND filter, so I could choose a shutter speed that allowed me capturing the motion of the wheel without overexposing it.
Shooting in RAW was quite helpful, too – in fact, it was a must here.

Wind Turbine 3

The last one, taken from below in front of the wind turbine.
I chose a short shutter speed for this one, because I wanted to have the three blades in a certain position without any motion.
The high contrast and black and white make this apppear almost like an abstract geometric shape.

I hope I did not bore you too much with those technical details.

Next week back to colourful Croatia! 😉

Three Sides: Mushroom

This might be the beginning of a new series – not about mushrooms, but about showing three sides of something. We will see…


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How to begin after a pause of three years?
Let’s make it short. The reason for my absence: life.
People have asked again and again about my blog, so here is some new food.
Well not new actually, since this is just part 2 of a 2014 trip (focus on Amsterdam). However, I wanted to bring this series to a closure, before new pictures come.
This time I won’t make any promises on how often or when I will post new material.
Please bear with me…

Anyways, hope you guys have been doing fine. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line in the comments.



Holidays Pet Style…

Many of you know that we can actually learn a lot from animals.
For example, how to ignore stress during holidays – no rush, but just sleeping, eating, and wonder.
Hope you have been taking things easy as well…

Smartphone Week 3 – Day 7 – Aura

Here we are – the final picture of the 3rd Smartphone Week.
Hope you enjoyed it… 😉