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Carpe Diem!

When it comes to photography, you should seize an opportunity when it is there.
Never say to yourself you can shoot something on your way back or the next day – so many things could have changed in the meantime.
However, if you are stuck in the house due to horrible weather, you still can use the day to your advantage and come up with picture ideas like the abstract photo above for which I used 35mm black and white film (Agfa APX 100) in my analog SLR.
So, seize the day, whatever it looks like, and make the best out of it.


A Glimpse Through

Sometimes not shapes, objects or people are in the focus of interest, but it’s all about the mood…
This one is an example for this.
Mostly I use digital cameras, but I took this photo on 35mm black and white film (Agfa APX 100) with my analog SLR.
No, analog photography is not dead yet – you should give it a try now and then. It forces you to shoot more consciously.