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I’ve neglected the dog friends for some time now, so I hope you like this portrait…

Eye of the Tiger

Well, actually not the eye of a tiger, but kind of…
A word of warning: if you try to take such a picture, never ever use direct flashlight, but let it bounce of the ceiling or a wall – or even better just use natural light.


Time for another HDR picture.
Actually, not much to say here. This zoo peacock had been roaming around freely when it eventually decided to take a rest just in front of me. So I gladly used the opportunity to snap away, of course.
You should definitely click on this picture to enlarge it.

In the Spotlight

Sometimes you just need luck.
I went out at night to fetch something from the car and I passed something which in the dim light appeared to be a stone at first glance.
Two minutes later on my way back I looked closer and saw it was actually a toad sitting calmly.
This was the very first time I saw a toad around our house, so I gladly used the opportunity for a photo.

As always, you should click on the picture to enlarge it.

Food Spotting