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After showing you Copenhagen from above, it’s time to give you some impressions of some of the famous sights in this great city. These colorful houses at the canal are a must-see.

Although Copenhagen offers great public transport including metro, city railway and bus, I recommend to explore as much as you can by foot.

The Little Mermaid – another must-see. Expect to find a lot of tourists here who wait in line to take a photo.

If you take different routes from the usual, you can find some interesting architecture.

This is the old sugar factory. What a fascinating building.

More to come soon – stay tuned and happy Easter everyone!

Actually I love hot climates. Before 2019 I had never thought of visiting a Scandinavian country. However, due to a shoulder injury I needed to go to Denmark several times, because they have specialists for this. And what should I say, I fell in love with this beautiful country – the polite and helpful people, the interesting culture, the minimalistic design, high quality healthy food, the clean streets, nature, nightlife, and much more.
The pictures I am going to share in the coming weeks/months were taken from three trips in January/February, April and October 2019.
(Of course, I am also going to show other pictures in the coming weeks – e.g. from Berlin, cats, dogs, landscapes.)
Today, I am beginning with an overview, some general impressions from Aarhus, the second-largest city of Denmark (the capital Copenhagen is number one with regards to population). In the coming days I am then going to go more into detail.

In 2017 Aarhus (or Århus in Danish) was European Capital of Culture, so you can find many interesting museums there. A must see is the art museum ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum which is known for its “rainbow panorama”, a circular skywalk on top of the building designed by Ólafur Elíasson. Even if you are not a great fan of museums, you should really take the time to go to the roof of the building.
More photos from the inside and the rooftop coming soon.

Alongside the canal that goes through the city centre there are lots of nice restaurants, stores, and pubs. Even at night there are people sitting outside, chatting or having drinks (yes, also in winter, brrrr).

The theatre – didn’t have time to visit it, I’m afraid.

The botanical garden (sharing photos from the inside in a future post) is situated next to a windmill in the middle of a pretty park.

The Århus Cathedral with a small shop in front of it. You can find it near the Viking Museum.

Hope you enjoyed this first, tiny glance. I am going more into detail in future posts, so stay tuned.