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Hello everyone!
I hope you are safe and sound in this crazy time.
I’d like to pretend that I had never been away from the blog, but it happened (again) – sorry!
Some of you followed me to Instagram where I had focused my attention to – thank you guys. I am still going to share pictures on that platform (mostly smartphone pics or spontaneous stuff), but now it’s time to get active on this part of the blogosphere again.

What can you expect? I am still not sure with regards to how frequently I will post, but when it comes to content there will be nature and landscape pictures, macros, impressions from my travels, still life images, a portrait here and there, some experimental things, and (of course) – cats, dogs and other animals. Shot with all kinds of gear, from full frame DSLRs to APS-C DSLMs to smartphones and everything in between. Anyway, this does not matter too much (think about the title of the blog).

Today I am kicking off with a macro that’s different from the frequent 1:1 pics from that genre that show every tiny detail. Instead I wanted to catch a somewhat dreamy atmosphere – hope you like it.
As always, click to enlarge. 😉



Three Sides: Mushroom

This might be the beginning of a new series – not about mushrooms, but about showing three sides of something. We will see…


Sunflower (Essential)

Sunflower (Essential)

Today’s picture is inspired by my series called Essential which I created back in 2010 (also to be found on my Portfolio Page) and which long time followers might remember.
This time I chose a different composition though.
In the next days I am going to post an alternative version on my Flickr page.



Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You

Today I made a new friend… He even brought a nice present!