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Carcassonne Revisited – Part 2

Time for the second part…

Carcassonne Revisited

Back from my travels…
I was on holiday in Southern France and had the opportunity to visit Carcassonne again (some HDR work here, too).
Those who are new to this blog can view some pictures from my 2009 visit here.
I am going to post more impressions (also from other places) in the next weeks, so stay tuned.
As always, please click on pictures to enlarge.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Another one from Paris.
The sun was setting, giving this sight a nice backdrop.


Carcassonne 7

Although this picture was chosen as Editor’s Pick at HDR Spotting last year I have never published it on one of my blogs. In fact, it only existed on my flickr page and my Portfolio site.
So it’s time to change that.
For those who already know it – I’ll post something new next time.

Alsace: Vineyard

Sometimes I like minimalistic compositions.
Another picture from my trip to the Alsace (France). As you can see from the colors of the leaves and the blue sky, I was there at the right moment.