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This is part 2 of the rural impressions 2020, taken several weeks ago. (Part 1 is here.)
Summer says farewell in our region, and autumn is around the corner – not just on the paper, you can actually feel it.

Again I wanted to share with you some pictures from a farm I visit every two weeks in order to get my vegetables and fruit. Lots of animals roaming free there like the one you can see above.

No post-processing here, this sunflower really looked as if it were smiling. Enjoy the rest of the week and the new season!

In the Park 1

In the Park 1

I was in the park a few weeks ago and it was a good opportunity to take an HDR picture.
Hope you like it…
Enjoy your weekend!

Smartphone Week 3 – Day 2 – Odd Man Out

At the Pond

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Last Friday I went to a pond to relax a bit and take some photos. Here you see three of this outing – more to come soon.
BTW: Yesterday I came back from a trip to France – loads of photos that I will share with you in the next weeks (some HDR stuff as well), so stay tuned.