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Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple 2

Back from my trip to India … I wish I could say that, but London is not too bad either, right?
Today I show you some impressions from Neasden Temple (aka BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir) in London, which used to be the biggest Hindu temple outside India according to the Guinness World Records 2000.

Neasden Temple 3

What can I say – it’s just lovely there. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside, and I respected that. If you are in London and have the chance, you should definitely visit that place.

Neasden Temple 1

There is also a museum inside that gives information on Hinduism and India, which I found quite interesting.

Neasden Temple 4

And after the visit you can have a tasty meal in the vegetarian Indian restaurant on the other side of the street. Highly recommended!
Although I did the terrible mistake to accidentally eat a chili in one go…


Water Tower

It’s been a while…
I wish I could say it has been a creative break, but the reason was simply life. 😉
Today I have a black and white HDR picture for you. It looks gloomy, but that’s what weather and life have been like recently. However, no use in complaining as it is simply the impermanence of life as we all know it.
Anyways, things will go uphill again (and down and up and so on). 😉
Or as the sage once inscribed on that ring: “This too shall pass.”
The important thing is to have some fun on the way.



A dog portrait today.
I always wonder what they are thinking when they have that look. I guess something about food… 😉

Inside the Cologne Triangle

Inside the Cologne Triangle 1

Another one from the Cologne Triangle which I showed you from outside a few months ago.
These pictures were taken from the lounge in the reception area.
I did not know at that time that this building is actually used for some parts of the German TV show Deutschland sucht den Superstar (which is called “Pop Idol” in the UK). They do the casting in one of the top floors.

Here you can see the view you have from its roof.

Inside the Cologne Triangle 2

Frosted Beauty

Frosted Beauty

It’s no help posting photos of beaches, the sea, rock needles, etc. – it’s still winter in our parts, let’s face it.
The picture above is actually back from 2004 – I took it with my first digital camera (although I still used my analog camera a lot at that time).
Oh, my good old Canon Digital Ixus V2… It does not work anymore, but I cannot part with it. Memories…