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Lying in wait

Lying in wait

Cute little Layla lying in wait. As if she could do any harm to anyone or anything…

There are several followers who are here mostly because of my cat portraits – sorry you had to wait for so long. I promise there will be more in the future.
Both pictures taken with my 85mm 1:1.8 prime lens wide open.
Definitely click on the pictures to see them in a higher resolution.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend!

Whoa, Nellie!


Sorry, I just could not resist the allusion to Nelly Furtado’s debut album (mind the different spelling though).

This is – you might have guessed it by now – Nellie. She’s a cute one, albeit a bit shy. Might have made some bad experiences with humans in the past, I’m afraid. Hopefully, she’ll be gaining more trust in the future.

Shots taken during the “blue hour” after sun set with my nifty fifty wide open.
I like the typical full-frame look with its shallow depth of field here.


Polar Bear

Polar Bear

I really love them…



I guess the title says it all…

Shout It Out…

Shout It Out...

Yes, I am still here…
I know I haven’t been posting new stuff as regularly as I used to. This is very much due to the many projects I’ve been running recently.
One of them is archiving thousands of old slides with a special slide scanner.
However, I intend to post new photos more frequently as soon as some of the projects are completed.
So keep up with me and stay tuned!