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A dog portrait today.
I always wonder what they are thinking when they have that look. I guess something about food… 😉



Hope you’ve had some nice, relaxing holidays!

Coffee Candle

Coffee Candle

I have had two busy weeks, so there was a slight delay with the new picture.
It has been some time since my last still life.
I wanted to convery a warm, cosy atmoshphere with this.
Photo straight out of the cam – should definitely be seen enlarged (clicky).

Farm Cat

Farm Cat 1

I know that several of my long time followers originally joined because of my photos of pets/animals.
I realised that I neglected you guys – so here you find a small series of a lovely cat I saw on a farm a few weeks ago. Hope that will make up for it. 😉

Farm Cat 2

Farm Cat 3

Farm Cat 4



Don’t try this at home…