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Happy New Year 2013

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Thanks to all my followers!
I wish you all the best for the New Year!





First of all: I wish you a very happy and successful New Year!
I want to thank all of you who visited my blog and left comments and feedback – you are awesome, guys!
I hope you have enjoyed my pictures so far and will give my best to keep you satisfied. 😉
For the first post of the new year I decided to show you the “classic” shots I took this night. Hope you like them.
All the best,


In the Spotlight

Sometimes you just need luck.
I went out at night to fetch something from the car and I passed something which in the dim light appeared to be a stone at first glance.
Two minutes later on my way back I looked closer and saw it was actually a toad sitting calmly.
This was the very first time I saw a toad around our house, so I gladly used the opportunity for a photo.

As always, you should click on the picture to enlarge it.