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Frosted Beauty

Frosted Beauty

It’s no help posting photos of beaches, the sea, rock needles, etc. – it’s still winter in our parts, let’s face it.
The picture above is actually back from 2004 – I took it with my first digital camera (although I still used my analog camera a lot at that time).
Oh, my good old Canon Digital Ixus V2… It does not work anymore, but I cannot part with it. Memories…

Sun, Sea and Shooting – Part I

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“Shooting” meaning with camera(s) only, of course…
One of the reasons for the longer than usual absence is that I was on holiday.
In the next days I am going to show you some impressions – hope you’ll enjoy them.
As always, to see the larger version of an image, just click on one of the thumbnails below.

Look Up!

Since the first Smartphone Week was such a success and many people liked the concept, I thought I should start another one.

To repeat the explanation:
You probably guessed it right – this week there won’t be any crisp macro shots taken with a DSLR equipped with ring flash etc.
However, when you know this blog you’ll know that it is my credo that a good photo does not necessarily need to be technically perfect. Genres like Street Photography for instance have their own “rules”.

Instead you’ll see pictures that make you think (hopefully), leave room for interpretation, show snippets of daily life, are surreal or are just – a picture. 😉
In the whole mini series there was no post-processing done with a computer. Everything you will see was done directly within a smartphone.

Alsace: Vineyard

Sometimes I like minimalistic compositions.
Another picture from my trip to the Alsace (France). As you can see from the colors of the leaves and the blue sky, I was there at the right moment.


Although the temperatures have dropped considerably, the weather has been quite sunny during the last days.
I have shot plenty of pictures I will share with you in the next days.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!