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This is the first picture of a new abstract/surreal macro series I’ve been creating.
I think it is a bit like recognizing shapes in clouds.

Family Pastime

Although I usually try to post my very latest pictures, it is sometimes nice to look back…
Exactly one year ago I was on a beach in the south of France watching a family playing boccia. I really like how immersed they were in the game.

Alsace: Vineyard

Sometimes I like minimalistic compositions.
Another picture from my trip to the Alsace (France). As you can see from the colors of the leaves and the blue sky, I was there at the right moment.


Normally I don’t do much “UrbEx” photography. However, when I passed this burnt out house last year I was in a rush and could not photograph it – so I made an internal note about this place and last week I finally went back there.
As always, best viewed large (click on it).


Not much to say about this really, except that I don’t like their taste too much.
A nice subject for a photo though. – Have a great weekend!