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Krk 1

This is part 2 from my impressions from Croatia.
Today I focus on the city of Krk which has a nice old quarter as you can see.

Krk 2

There are stone walls with nice flowers at various places.

Krk 3

The alleys abound with shops and cosy restaurants.

Krk 4

And of course you should not miss the marina when you visit this town.

Krk 5

Krk 6

There will be a third and probably final part in the next weeks, hope you enjoyed this one.



Hi there!
It’s been quite a while, but I am back…
Hopefully I’ll be able to post more regularly in the future.
Thanks to all loyal followers who kept up with me!

Today’s still life picture was taken with a manual nifty fifty prime lens. Old, no autofocus, but still good (and I like the bokeh it produces)… 😉



… of a new season yet to come.
I came across this unexpectedly today.

Series: Essential – Part 3

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When you take away an essential part of a flower – its color – you get the other visual parts that are essential to it – its shape and its texture. On 31 August I posted the first part of this series that I will probably use for my Portfolio page.
I am not sure yet whether I will use these three shown here for the final series, but gave them the label of the series anyway.
You can find the first part here and the second one here.

Still Blooming

There are still some flowers that are blooming.
Soon this will be over in our region for this year, so here we go…