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Sweet Treat

After having lunch at a Chinese restaurant I was brought this delicious glass of warm plum wine…

Goodbye, Butterfly

Since the time for butterflies is practically over here, I thought I should post a picture of one that I took about two weeks ago.
As always, click to enlarge the picture.


When friends of ours visited us a few days ago I used the opportunity to take some pictures of them and their daughter.
Actually, I create many portraits of children, but usually I don’t show them on the internet, because I know many parents have a problem with this.
However, if I do want to publish such a photo I always ask for permission.

Unlike most of my blog pictures (that have a Creative Commons License), this picture must not be used anywhere else in any form (i.e. protected by copyright, all rights reserved).

Golden Hour

I like the time of the day when the sky is not red yet, but everything is bathed in a warm, golden light.
As some of you will certainly have noticed, this is an HDR picture.

Have a great weekend!


This picture that was taken at a classic tourist attraction deserves a closer inspection.
Who is the attraction here? How many perspectives are there? Who is the beholder?