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These pictures are from another day – as you can see the weather was much friendlier.

I love those mountain streams. (Long time exposure with ND filter)

Nice snow on top and blue sky – such a beautiful day…
More photos from that hike to follow soon.
Have a great weekend!

For a nice mountain trip you also have to visit some lakes. So here you go.
If you want to know which cameras I used for this trip, have a look at my previous blog post.
It’s interesting to see what a difference the time of the day and lighting conditions can make to the atmosphere and look of a picture.

This one here was taken during sunset when this mountain range was lit by warm sun rays.
Sometimes WordPress preview pictures are less sharp, so please click on them for higher quality.
More pictures to come in the coming weeks – stay safe!

Mountain Trip 2020

Mountain Trip 2020 - 1

Autumn in the mountains – what a blast I had!

(Although I don’t need to justify myself, nonetheless a quick Corona related notice: we brought our own food and beverages with us and I cooked myself every day, i.e. there was no contact with any other person outside our family.)

If you are just here for the images, just scroll down to the second picture at the bottom, since the following paragraph is on the technical/equipment side:
I like to travel lightly, so I left my bulky and heavy DSLR and lenses at home and took my Sony RX100 IV and Samsung NX3000 with me.
Why this combination?
Well, the Sony is small, light and thus portable, has a superb image quality for landscape photography and offers wide angle perspectives.
The Samsung on the other hand is probably one of the lightest and smallest DSLM with an APS-C sensor. I used a 35mm 1:2 prime lens on it (actually a nifty fifty considering the crop factor) which enables me to toy around with the depth of field if I want to. So I had an ideal combination in the smallest package possible – at least for my purposes. (Dear Samsung, why oh why did you give up your camera system? What a pity, I still enjoy it immensely.)
Did I miss my full-frame Nikon? Sometimes, but then I thought about how it would be lugging around several kilograms of equipment on a hike…
I was about to write that I guess I am getting old, but then I remembered that it’s been like that for as long as I remember. I just like to travel lightly, that’s who I am.
I want to stress that with the gear I used it is important to shoot in RAW format if you really want to get everything out of the material.
But man, I even liked the pictures I took with my smartphone, so I daresay that the vast majority of people will be happy just using their smartphone. Only if you are more ambitious you need to take more with you.

Anyways, enough with the boring rant about gear. There will be more pictures coming from that trip in the next weeks and months.

And long time followers already know the last sentence: Click on the pictures to view them in a higher resolution. 😉


One plus one equals one

Or 1+1=1.
This reminds me of one episode of the tv series “Life” from 2007 (not the newer series with the same name):

“What we learned as children, that one plus one equals two, we know to be false. One plus one equals one. We even have a word for when you, plus another, equals one. That word is love.”

No, I don’t say these trees love each other, I just thought that was a nice symbolism here.

On the technical side:
The somewhat extreme perspective is due to an ultra wide angle lens I used – the focal length is 13mm!
While a fisheye lens would have resulted in curved trees and other strange effects, with an ultra wide angle lens straight lines stay straight, but you still get a dramatic perspective.

This is part 2 of the rural impressions 2020, taken several weeks ago. (Part 1 is here.)
Summer says farewell in our region, and autumn is around the corner – not just on the paper, you can actually feel it.

Again I wanted to share with you some pictures from a farm I visit every two weeks in order to get my vegetables and fruit. Lots of animals roaming free there like the one you can see above.

No post-processing here, this sunflower really looked as if it were smiling. Enjoy the rest of the week and the new season!