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The Devil’s Table

All around the world you can find those so-called “balanced rocks” of natural origin.
This one here is in Germany and called “Teufelstisch” – the literal translation would be the title I chose for the picture.
This natural monument is about 14 meters (about 46 ft) tall.
As some of you might have guessed, it is an HDR picture.

As always, click to enlarge.


We’ve had our first snow for this season, but since I’ve been ill for some weeks now, I preferred not to build an actual snowman in the cold outside, but to take a photo of this one here (needless to say, under much warmer conditions).
Sorry guys if you expected the real thing, but I hope you like this picture, too. 😉

BTW: This week will have a motto: ‘Balance’.
So stay tuned for some pictures about this subject. Expect macro and landscape shots.

Series: Essential – Part 3

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When you take away an essential part of a flower – its color – you get the other visual parts that are essential to it – its shape and its texture. On 31 August I posted the first part of this series that I will probably use for my Portfolio page.
I am not sure yet whether I will use these three shown here for the final series, but gave them the label of the series anyway.
You can find the first part here and the second one here.

Alsace: Rest at Noon

Another one from my trip to the Alsace and one of the rare occasions that I share a picture of my street photography.

It’s the Rise and Fall…

Placing dominoes can be a philosophical task.
Life is not straight, but there are unexpected bends, ups and downs.
To be positive, here is your optimistic ‘up’.
There are two alternative pictures on my flickr page:
Be Yourself