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I took this series on our vacation to Croatia this summer.
To be honest, this is one of those cases where you cannot entirely “forget the camera”, as you need one which offers decent continuous shooting capabilities.

The slideshow above shows the entire series of 11 pictures, below you find a selection of it – click to enlarge.

As you can imagine I will show you some impressions from Croatia in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned.

Thanks a lot to my good pal Chris for performing this nice header and giving me permission to show it here.


Spring Holiday 2012 – Part 2

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Another round of holiday pics.
Today it’s getting “beachy”. 😉

But do not ask me where I am going,
As I travel in this limitless world,
Where every step I take is my home.

– Dōgen Kigen

Spring Holiday 2012

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Back again from my holiday with some impressions. More to come quite soon…
If you want to see a picture in larger format (recommended), just click on the thumbnail below.

A good traveler has no fixed plans
and is not intent upon arriving.
A good artist lets his intuition
lead him wherever it wants.
A good scientist has freed himself of concepts
and keeps his mind open to what is.

– Tao Te Ching (Mitchell translation)

Sun, Sea and Shooting – Part II

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Another round of these…
If you missed the first part, click here.

Family Pastime

Although I usually try to post my very latest pictures, it is sometimes nice to look back…
Exactly one year ago I was on a beach in the south of France watching a family playing boccia. I really like how immersed they were in the game.