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Bokeh Dreaming…

It’s a time of the year in which photographers have more opportunities than usual to play around with lights. The weather here has been lousy for weeks now, but there are plenty of possibilities to take some nice photos indoors. Besides the obvious pet portraits you can play around with still life photography or abstract images. How about exploring the macro world inside your home?

Whatever you celebrate (or not), I wish everyone a great time: take a break from the bad news and social media, try to relax as best as you can, have a nice video chat with family members you cannot visit right now, go outside (if health and weather allow) for a long walk – and don’t forget your camera if you do. 😉

Stay healthy!

Chillaxin’ Caruso

Cats, the masters of relaxation. Just take a look at youngster Caruso here and tell me you don’t feel at least a bit more chillaxed right away.
Laziness as an art form – I love it!

Next up: more pics from my last mountain trip.

Lying in wait

Lying in wait

Cute little Layla lying in wait. As if she could do any harm to anyone or anything…

There are several followers who are here mostly because of my cat portraits – sorry you had to wait for so long. I promise there will be more in the future.
Both pictures taken with my 85mm 1:1.8 prime lens wide open.
Definitely click on the pictures to see them in a higher resolution.

Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend!

I love living in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful forests. Here are some rural summer impressions from the last 2-3 weeks.

If you want to see a picture in a higher resolution, just click on it.

Part 2 soon to come.

Have a nice week everyone!



Hope you’ve had some nice, relaxing holidays!