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I took this series on our vacation to Croatia this summer.
To be honest, this is one of those cases where you cannot entirely “forget the camera”, as you need one which offers decent continuous shooting capabilities.

The slideshow above shows the entire series of 11 pictures, below you find a selection of it – click to enlarge.

As you can imagine I will show you some impressions from Croatia in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned.

Thanks a lot to my good pal Chris for performing this nice header and giving me permission to show it here.


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Hi again!

This is the final part of the Netherland series.
Of course, there would have been many more pictures to show, but I did not want to present the usual sights everyone sees when they come to this country. For me it’s more about random impressions, not a comprehensive travel report or virtual sightseeing tour.
This final part has a focus on rural impressions, a flower parade and a Buddhist temple with an Avalokiteshvara shrine (Kannon/Kanzeon for the Zen guys out there – Gassho!).

As always click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions.

Hope you enjoyed this series! You can check out my Flickr pictures for alternative shots btw.

New things to come, so stay tuned.










Don’t worry, no harm done – both survived (as far as I know)…

Sunny Winter Day

Encounters on a sunny winter day…
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